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Ecos S


€ 5240.00 (incl. VAT)

Product Details:

The lightweight Ecos S is the ideal companion for all types of diving, including cave and wreck diving, as the scooter has variable speed and emergency controls. Therefore, the Ecos S can be used in a team formation and, if anything goes wrong with the electronic, the diver can use the autarkic control circuit. The Ecos S was tested by technical divers and was considered to be the perfect wreck scooter because of the speed of 70 m/min and a thrust of 27 kg, in combination with only 15 kg of weight. Furthermore, the unit is rated up to a depth of 200 m, which gives you an idea how solid the Ecos S is. 

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: Ø 218/300mm,
  • Length 600mm
  • Weight: 15kgs
  • Operating Depth: 200m
  • Battery: Li-Ion
  • Run Time "Full Speed": 90 minutes;  Run Time "Cruising": 200 minutes
  • Operating range: 8 km
  • Thrust: 270 N
  • Speed: 70 m/min
  • Speed Control: Variable                   
  • Temperature Control: Yes
  • Protective Propeller cut off: Yes
  • Power Monitoring: Yes
  • Total Discharge Protection: Yes
  • Sealed Motor: Yes
  • Soft Start: Yes
  • Update Capability: Yes
  • Emergency Switch: Yes
  • Boost Function/Quick Shift: Yes
  • Charger ECO: Yes
  • Tow Cord: Yes
  • Torque Control: Yes
  • One Handed Operation: Yes
  • Tube: Carbon Fibre
  • Shroud: Carbon Fibre

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