1st stage with Primary

Rover 12s




First Stage 12s

The 12s first stage, with a nickel- and chrome-plated brass body, stands out from previous versions because of its size and its lower weight. This was made possible thanks to innovative technical solutions that still maintain the same internal components. Diaphragm technology with the DFC system and replaceable high-pressure seat connector. The high-pressure valve, manufactured in “tri-materials” allows for improved durability and security. These advances have made it possible to include conical filters with better filtering power in both the INT and the DIN versions. It features a preferential intermediate-pressure DFC port for the main second stage hose, as well as three other LP service ports and two ports for high pressure. All ports have been rearranged in order to offer better positions for the hoses and the transmitting unit for integrated dive computers. 

Second Stage Rover

The most advanced medium-sized, high-performance, technopolymer second stage available on the market. The integrated VAD system provides unbeatable performance that greatly exceeds the limits required for EC certification. Innovative and unique design. The brand new lid integrates the oversize purge button, which is fully covered in scratch-resistant polyurethane and is extremely easy to use, even when wearing thick neoprene gloves. The "mesh grid" system minimizes the likelihood of free-flow in strong currents. The generously-sized exhaust tee has a streamlined shape, affording superior performance while directing air bubbles further away from the face. 

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