1st stage with Primary

Abyss 22x




First Stage

To help reduce the overall weight of the MR22 First Stage, Mares has stripped it of all unnecessary metal without compromising the structural integrity of the regulator.

This reworking of the design increases the surface area of the first stage, giving it even better thermal characteristics on cold water dives – making an already reliable regulator even more reliable.

It also uses Mares’ patented “Dynamic Flow Control” (DFC) system, which minimizes the drop in intermediate pressure on inhalation, especially in extremely demanding dive conditions.

This is one of the main reason this first stage was able to break the record for the most number of divers breathing from a single first stage. You will never have to push the regulator to these extremes, but it is assuring to know it’s there when you need it.

The overall performance, safety,  and reliability have also been enhanced by the use of Mares patented Tri-Material Valve.

Thanks to this special technology the head of the valve always provides a perfect seal, even under extreme conditions, and prevents uncontrollable free flows from occurring even under the most stressful conditions.

It is also equipped with 2 high-pressure ports at fixed angles and 4 low-pressure ports, as well as Nitrox compatible to 40% oxygen right out of the box.


Second Stage

The Abyss 2nd stage is an all metal design which makes it strong and great for cold water diving.  As well as acting as a giant heat-sync to reduce the chances of free-flows it can also help to reduce the dryness of the air you're breathing by letting moisture from your breath condense inside the 2nd stage.  

The bypass tube uses Vortex Assisted Design to prevent fluttering so you get a smooth breath and reduces breathing resistance.

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