Our Brands


We're not just in your element, we were born there - in a small factory on the coast of British Colombia - the brainchild of two divers determined on crafting a drysuit capable of surviving the frigid waters of the Canadian Pacific Ocean. With every stitch, our founders innovated. Through every failure, they pushed. not for profit. For performance. To bring to the sport of diving, equipment that fir better, functioned better, and lasted longer.

44 Years later we continue to push the boundaries of the watersports industry. Our innovations extend to drusuits and wetsuits and include advancements like our impenetrable No-Stitch Technology and Celliant Infrared Technology.

We've solidified our heritage and the principles we were founded on. Our reputation for premier dive equipment has been upheld by the heart and passion each of our workers put into every suit they make. Because like our founders, they don't just make the suits, they dive in them. It is this strong culture and unrelenting dedication to fit, craftmanship, innovation that has helped take us from that small shop in British Colombia to a global brand.