Our Brands


Imersion SARL was founded in 1989 by Mr. Pierre Buffa with the help of a French freediving spearfishing world champion. The place was Marseille, in the South of France, Europe's capital of diving equipment manufacturing.
In 1995, the French main manufacturer of shafts, diving knives and spearfishing accessories, Ets.Desiage joined forces with Imersion to reinforce its potential on the freediving spearfishing market. With the Coralign brand, Ets.Desiage was the sole supplier of Imersion for speargun accessories.
The headquarters and the main plant are in Thiers, a city located in the centre part of France. The city is famous for it s manufacturing of knives, and also for other industries such as high-tech plastic moulding.
For many decades, in fact since 1974, Ets.Desiage has been manufacturing equipment for the spearfishing industry, including major diving companies.
Imersion/Desiage has several manufacturing units in France. The spearguns, shafts, bands and spearfishing accessories are manufactured in Thiers where the fins, the plastic and nylon products are also moulded.
The commercial department is located in Vitrolles a city close to Marseille by the Mediterranean sea where all our products are tested.
Our large range of products has interest for several markets from the beach bazaar to high-tech equipment designed for competition, also our high quality products are distributed world wide. The group can also manufacture specific products under other brand names at client s request.